A unique feature of the Tin Whistles-First Tee Junior Tour series is
“The Race for the Tour Championship”. Designed much like the PGA Tour’s Fed-Ex Cup competition players in the nine-hole events will be awarded points for each event based on their order of finish. The player with the most points at the end of the tour series will be declared “Tour Champion”.

The champion will have his or her name inscribed on the Tour Championship Trophy which resides in the Tufts Archives section of the Givens Memorial Library in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The champions and their families will also be invited to the Tin Whistles Annual Christmas Gala at which a replica of the Tour Champions trophy will be presented.

Past Tour Champions
2018 Jack Halloran
2017 Daniel Zeng
2016 Braden Cline
2015 Holland Giles
2014 Branden Boyce & Joey Pritchard
2013 Carson Burney
2012 Jaclyn Kenzel
2011 John Rea
2010 Savannah Thompson & John Rea      
2009 Josh Stockwell
2008 John Rea